Buy Low Price Capo Volta Jersey – Men’s (B007VMY3KI)

Buy low price Capo Volta Jersey – Men’s (B007VMY3KI). This awesome Cycling Jerseys will suit your cycling need. Buy Capo Volta Jersey – Men’s (B007VMY3KI) and increase your cycling experience today.

Image of Capo Volta Jersey - Men's (B007VMY3KI)

Capo Volta Jersey – Men’s (B007VMY3KI)

Capo Volta Jersey – Men’s is a mens cycling jersey product from Capo. This Capo Volta Jersey – Men’s will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time. Placebo or not, there’s something to be said for an exceptionally crafted garment that makes us look and feel fast. The Volta Jersey is part of Capo’s impressive new ATS line, that helps turn those illusions of speed into realities of speed, while also doling out a healthy helping of Italian panache. In creating a jersey that defied convention, Capo had to completely re-think the design and production processes from the ground up. The goal was to create a garment of superior quality, comfort, performance, and protection, therefore run-of-the-mill polyester or pedestrian blends of Lycra would not be good enough. Thus, the Advanced Technology System (or ‘ATS’) was born. The idea behind ATS was simple: Capo would create their next generation of ride-enhancing cycling garments by combining the most technical Swiss and Italian fabric stories they could find with the most advanced production methods available. You could think of ATS as a bit of Italian mad science; a highly polished experiment in conceptual performance textiles, not unlike the exotic supercars that might grace the show floors of the Geneva Motor Show. Except these exceptional bib shorts go beyond existence as a concept, and are available to the discerning public.Like it’s older brother Drago, the Volta Jersey fabric is sourced from some of the best Swiss technologies, and designed to offer you a highly elasticized, performance enhancing fit. It follows the Drago’s superlative multi paneled and fully-taped construction, but utilizes a slightly heavier, albeit more durable carbon-threaded warp-knit polyester and Lycra blend. Granted, while the carbon threads serve only to expedite moisture transfer and dry time (and not to enhance durability), it’s the complex warp-knit construction produces a superior durable weave which resists unraveling when torn or damaged, should you be unlucky enough to suffer a fall while wearing it. Click here for more details

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