Buy Low Price Catlike Kompacto Helmet (B008G35T7C)

Buy low price Catlike Kompacto Helmet (B008G35T7C). This awesome Bike Helmets will suit your cycling need. Buy Catlike Kompacto Helmet (B008G35T7C) and increase your cycling experience today.

Image of Catlike Kompacto Helmet (B008G35T7C)

Catlike Kompacto Helmet (B008G35T7C)

Catlike Kompacto Helmet is a bike helmet product from Catlike. This Catlike Kompacto Helmet will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time. There’s no denying that the Catlike Kompacto Helmet and the flagship Whisper Plus are two helmets cut from the same cloth. What the Kompacto lacks in ventilation and pro tour pedigree, it more than makes up for by offering an economical, lightweight, and supremely-fitting alternative to the best Catlike has to offer.The Kompacto is a helmet way ahead of its time. In fact, it predates the Whisper Plus by four years, and was the basis for the Whisper’s striking aesthetic and ventilation. It’s almost a backwards technological trickle at Catlike, with ground floor models like the Kompacto serving as the proving grounds and inspiration for the rest of the line. The in-mold shell is constructed around Catlike’s signature CES (Crash Energy Splitter) exoskeleton, which disperses impact energy along the structure of the helmet in the event of a crash. You’ll also get 21 generously-sized vents that are patterned along the shell in a manner nearly identical to the Whisper. All the forward-facing vents have a matching rear exhaust vent to keep the air moving quickly over your head. And also like the Whisper, this reduced shell surface area inherently reduces the weight of the helmet. A Medium Kompacto comes in under 280 grams, and it’s rare that a helmet at this price point weighs less than 300 grams.The Vacuum uses the same MPS (Multi Position System) retention system as the top-shelf Whisper Plus. The MPS is constructed around a rubberized plastic strap that attaches into, and pivots from, a socket in the shell of the helmet at the temple, which then follows the side of your head and curves around towards the back, where it floats freely from the nylon web straps. The rubberized strap is soft and pliable, so it never gets crimped or warped in your gear bag, and it always conforms to your natural shape. Click here for more details

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