Buy Low Price Maloja StuartM. Jacket – Men’s (B008G364YO)

Buy low price Maloja StuartM. Jacket – Men’s (B008G364YO). This awesome Cycling Jackets will suit your cycling need. Buy Maloja StuartM. Jacket – Men’s (B008G364YO) and increase your cycling experience today.

Image of Maloja StuartM. Jacket - Men's (B008G364YO)

Maloja StuartM. Jacket – Men’s (B008G364YO)

Maloja StuartM. Jacket – Men’s is a mens cycling jacket product from Maloja. This Maloja StuartM. Jacket – Men’s will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time. We don’t always understand how the digital age is supposed to fit into our passion for the outdoors. The two often seem at odds, that is until the the Maloja StuartM. Jacket came along. This jacket utilizes the garment technology of today, while depending on a painstakingly hand drawn creation for its design. Once again, the duality of man seems as one, and more importantly, the StuartM. helps us become one with the trail. With a breathable, warming construction, this jacket will make a cloudy day seem like a ray of sunshine.Maloja’s StuartM. Jacket is made from the Thermopile fabric. This material provides substantial weight savings, without sacrificing warmth, by using soft-fleece microfibers for its construction. These fibers cover more surface area, and are better suited for trapping air between the jacket’s surface and the skin to make a well regulated insulation layer. This results in a layer of warmth that’s responsive to internal and external heat conditions and make the jacket feel more like jersey. Pleasant warmth aside, the StuartM. features a full-length, semi-autolock front zipper for when you’re approaching the top of a hard climb and need a little extra ventilation. Thermopile’s soft fibers not only provide predictable warmth, but they also reduce rough fabric abrasion after long hours in the saddle and provide a conforming fit. Even more importantly, the fluffy inner-lining keeps you nice and dry by rapidly grabbing moisture from the skin and transferring it to the jacket’s quick drying surface. The StuartM. is equipped with a silicone waistband that prevents the back from rising up, and it also features two rear pockets for quick access to your ride essentials.The Maloja StuartM. Jacket is available in sizes from Medium to XX-Large, and in the colors Blue Steel, Granat, and Pine. Click here for more details

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